Spring Semester 2024 has now started! You can continue to enroll during the semester. Go to our Schedule of Classes and select Spring 2024 Term and Course Level "Non-credit" to view our available noncredit classes.

Shift your career. Finish your education. Develop basic skills for workforce entry. Empower yourself to get the job and education you've always wanted.

Whether you're looking to advance in your job, change careers, complete an academic goal, or acquire a new skill or ability, the Noncredit Division has programs to help you pursue your goals.

We're now offering live support on Zoom: Tuesday: 9am-1pm / Wednesday: 9am-1pm


Returning adult learners. Jobseekers. New immigrants. Parents. English language learners. Adults with disabilities. Veterans. Older adults.  Regardless of your background or your purpose, the Noncredit Division at Pasadena City College offers free adult educational courses and programs to help you make your comeback to learning.

Our programs are flexible and tailored to adult learner lifestyles. Our courses in Career Education (CTE) will help you refine and develop skills for the workplace. Complete your high school education through our Adult High School Diploma Program or prepare for the high school equivalency GED exam through our GED Prep Program. Learn and improve your English with our English as a Second Language Program. With all courses offered FOR FREE, the options for changing and improving your life are endless.

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